L'Arc de Triomphe XO 法國金凱旋 XO 白蘭地 350ml #LADTXO350A

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源自中世紀的白蘭地釀酒傳統,從1855年開始,馬昆斯家族源用正宗法國古方,秉承法國人的執著,以全人手工藝,釀制及調配出至極完美的之作--金凱旋XO。 酒色古金帶銅,晶瑩通透,正好反影古方獨有的特色。酒香充滿豐富的水果香味,獨特的香橙果醬味撲鼻而來,朱古力及雲呢拿味隨隨跟上。口感醇厚圓潤,水果花香充滿口腔,除可感受到茉莉及紫羅蘭花香外,還帶有絲絲橡木幽香,令人回味無窮。 國家: 法國 Originated from the medieval brandy making tradition, Marquis Family began to follow the authentic France way of making brandy to produce their first bottle of authentic French brandy. Adhering to the French dedication, the family only believed in all handmade procedure, from fermentation to blending, from aging to bottling, to finally achieve the perfect bottle of The L’Arc de Triumph XO. The brandy is crystal clear in ancient gold color with a hint of copper. From the nose, you will find distinctively remarkable aromas of crystallized fruit, orange marmalade, chocolate and vanilla. In the mouth, it is supreme silky mellow that you will be tempted to drink more than you can imagine. Fruit fragrance will fill up your palate, jasmine and violet flowers on the side with a woody liquorice finish. Country: France