San Valley Carmenere 2022 12.5% 750ml - Chile #SVC750DP

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產地: Chile 智利, Central Valley 葡萄品種: Carmenere 卡門內里 釀酒商:Claudio Goncalves 酒精度:12.5度 容量: 750ml 風味: 深紫羅蘭色調。酒身帶新鮮紅果、櫻桃、布冧,果醬和香料氣息。單寧細滑而甜身。 Our Carmenere has an intense dark-violet color. The wine features aromas of fresh red fruit, hints of plums, jam and spices. Its tannins are sweet and velvety. Matches soft red meats, poultry and soft cheeses. 合適配襯紅肉和成熟的芝士。