Armand De Chambray Vin Mousseux Blanc De Blancs Brut 750ml -France #ADCVMBBB

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釀造:溫度控制於13℃以下,在大桶中發酵以保持酒的新鮮度。 色澤: 美麗的淡金色,細膩的氣泡。 氣味: 桃子,檸檬和接骨木花的香氣,帶有榛子和鮮牛油的味道。 口感: 口感平衡清新,帶有柑橘味和輕微氣泡。 配搭食物: 保存於6°-8°C之間,作為開胃酒或與開胃菜,配以魚或白肉亦可。 Winemaking: Fermentation in vats under temperature control at 13 ° C to preserve the freshness of the wine. Tasting Color: Beautiful pale gold color, with fine and delicate bubbles. Nose: Aromas of peach, lemon and elderflower, With notes of hazelnuts and fresh butter. Taste: The palate is well balanced and fresh, With citrus notes and light bubbles. Food and wine pairing: To serve between 6 ° -8 ° C as an aperitif or with appetizers, fish or poultry.